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DeadWood Memorial Day Kick-Off

A great time was had on Monday May 24, “Memorial Day” In Memory of the pioneers of wind sports, WAK members gathered at one of our favorite Winnebago launches, “DeadWood Point”.  The day brought morning rains that  lead to sunny skies and BIG winds. It was a great South wind around 25 gusting to 30. Over a dozen riders honored our predecessors with lots of big boosts, big crashes, and big drinking. Great start to the summer season!

View a gallery of some Spring pics.


Check out WISSA Village captured by Casey with his drone.

WISSA 2015 from Casey VanSanten on Vimeo.

Welcome to the WISSA 2015 Race Site

The WISSA 2015 race site has been selected, and is being developed, improved and most importantly, TESTED ! Last weekend a few of the local kiters and sailors made the best of 12-15mph SW winds and tested the conditions at the selected site for the 2015 World Championships.  The ice is firm and smooth on the 600+ ft diameter STS track and surrounding snow was great for setting an edge and carving a line with a snowboard or skis.  all around, the conditions are very good. Mother nature just added a few more inches of snow tonight and temperatures are forecasted to be below freezing for the next 10 days.


Lake Winnebago Conditions

The mighty Lake Winnebago has already seen several changes in its conditions since its first freeze in mid November. It was a worrisome time in Mid December when temperatures were in the mid 40′s and open water was appearing everywhere…. except at the WISSA/Stampede site. The ice in the South East corner of the lake has held up well. Last week a crack opened up about a half mile out, and is still open today, but there is plenty of smooth, firm ice for the sportsmen.  There has been a lot of sailing action off the shores of Roosevelt Park. Ice boats, Windsurfers, Wing Sailors, Ice skaters, fishermen, and beer drinkers all on the lake enjoying what mother nature has provided. This week is bringing a good freeze and should lock the ice back up and set it on its way for vehicle traffic.

So sharpen your blades, and tighten your bindings, because the winter playground is open !

Sturgeon Stampede Update

stampede big air 20111782185_797177703630005_1738751139_n

Only 60 days until we celebrate the 26th annual Sturgeon Stampede. This year has the vibe of becoming an epic year. Not only are we hosting the 35th annual World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships, but we have extended the Stampede to 4 days and added some new events including a kite fly-in, “Spear the Fatty” bike race, and “The Booty Run” Adventure Obstacle Run. To support all these awesome activities, We will have 2 heated shelters (WAK Shacks) and a huge heated tent for food, drink, music, and sponsor and vendor booths. Other activities will include tether ball, ice bowling, bag toss and a “Sturgeon Queen” contest. There will also be kite, wing and windsurf demos, and ice fishing and sturgeon spearing demos. On Friday we will light the  ceremonial bonfire at dusk, and follow that with live music, fireworks, and lots of beer drinking.  Saturday afternoon we will hold the Stampede “Big Air” Contest (Sunday alternate no wind day). Saturday night there will be an included awards dinner and program at the Retlaw Hotel. There are three ways to register for kite and sailing events at the Stampede. First You can register for 5 days of WISSA competition for $175 (thru Jan 1) by clicking here. This includes racing, bib, t-shirt, goody bag, daily lunches, awards dinner, and nightly activities.  The second option is to register for the Stampede 3 day event for $70 by clicking here. This includes 3 days of  ‘free riding’, ‘Big Air’ competition, t-shirt, daily lunches, Saturday awards dinner, and nightly activities. Then there is the Stampede 1 day event Registration is here. It includes 1 day of ‘free riding’, ‘Big Air’ competition, t-shirt and lunch.

1383793_10202348130818254_1213817101_nEd at Stampede1600975_796619083685867_160768481_n2009_Sturgeon_Stampede-020


We Have Ice

Lake Winnebago is completely frozen over!! A cold spell has locked up the lake with an unusually smooth surface and looks like we will not see open water again this year. Kevin Gratton has measured over 6 inches of ice off the shores of Windpower, and next week is expected to be well below freezing to keep making more ice.


Check out the latest compilation of WISSA action! The WAK crew edited clips from the 2009 through 2014 World Championships to create an action packed video of what to expect at the 2015 WISSA Championships in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin! The focus of the production is to stimulate registration, so watch the video and REGISTER TODAY!


The WAK team and Visitors and Convention Bureau are meeting regularly to nail down the details of the 2015 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championships being held Feb 9 through Feb 14 off the shores of Roosevelt Park in Fond du Lac. Our team is pounding the pavement to get riders to the event and provide the best facilities possible. With the event only 110 days away, its time to Get Registered! Its easy, fast, and online. Go to WWW.WISSA2015.com for more information, or Active.com to register.

WISSA 2015 Makes Local News

The 2015 World Ice and Snow Sailing Championship being held in Fond du Lac made the Channel 2 News Thursday. This news cast comes as a result of a news release made by our WISSA team on Wednesday. The word is officially out in the street that WAK and the Fond du lac Area Visitors Bureau will be hosting the 2015 event Feb 9 – Feb 14, 2015. We have a strong team that is now pressed to spread the word to potential competitors and spectators alike. Please help raise awareness to this huge event being held right here on Lake Winnebago, so SIGN-UP and SHOUT-OUT!  Thanks to Kevin Gratton and Craig Molitor for taking the time and polishing up for their awesome interviews. Nice job Guys.

Welcome To The New WAK Website

The Winnebago Association of Kiteboarders website has a new look, and a whole lot more. Our redesigned site not only looks like the kind of fun our club is all about, but its also as exciting and rewarding as the sport itself. We love kiteboarding!, and have developed a tool to help everyone get more out of kiteboarding in the Winnebago area. Not only does our site function like a twin tip in butter flat water, but it has a lot of really cool bells and whistles too. Things like video and pics pages that capture the local vib, and weather data and forecasts that will gaurentee more successfull sessions, are only a small part of the new features of our site. The new site has a mobile feature that gets WAK into your mobile device fast and clean.

In addition to all the tricked out features and information on the new site, we have re-developed the forum to get us chatting about everything kiteboarding again. Many area kiters shared years of helpful and fun posts on the WAK site prior to the forum data base  becoming “lost in cyber space”. The loss of the forum data was a huge kitemare to the forum users, but with your help we will bring the excitement and kiteboarding love back to the WAK forum. Please sign up, and share a post, and we gaurentee a reply.

Spend a few sessions on our WAK’d site, and check out all the cool and useful information available. If you like what you see, let us know. If you want to see something different, let us know. The site has been designed to be easily updatable, so we can bring the Winnebago kiting community currewnt and relevent information in timely manner. We hope you enjoy the NEW wakkiteboarding.com