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Welcome To The New WAK Website

The Winnebago Association of Kiteboarders website has a new look, and a whole lot more. Our redesigned site not only looks like the kind of fun our club is all about, but its also as exciting and rewarding as the sport itself. We love kiteboarding!, and have developed a tool to help everyone get more out of kiteboarding in the Winnebago area. Not only does our site function like a twin tip in butter flat water, but it has a lot of really cool bells and whistles too. Things like video and pics pages that capture the local vib, and weather data and forecasts that will gaurentee more successfull sessions, are only a small part of the new features of our site. The new site has a mobile feature that gets WAK into your mobile device fast and clean.

In addition to all the tricked out features and information on the new site, we have re-developed the forum to get us chatting about everything kiteboarding again. Many area kiters shared years of helpful and fun posts on the WAK site prior to the forum data base  becoming “lost in cyber space”. The loss of the forum data was a huge kitemare to the forum users, but with your help we will bring the excitement and kiteboarding love back to the WAK forum. Please sign up, and share a post, and we gaurentee a reply.

Spend a few sessions on our WAK’d site, and check out all the cool and useful information available. If you like what you see, let us know. If you want to see something different, let us know. The site has been designed to be easily updatable, so we can bring the Winnebago kiting community currewnt and relevent information in timely manner. We hope you enjoy the NEW wakkiteboarding.com


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