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Lake Winnebago Conditions

The mighty Lake Winnebago has already seen several changes in its conditions since its first freeze in mid November. It was a worrisome time in Mid December when temperatures were in the mid 40′s and open water was appearing everywhere…. except at the WISSA/Stampede site. The ice in the South East corner of the lake has held up well. Last week a crack opened up about a half mile out, and is still open today, but there is plenty of smooth, firm ice for the sportsmen.  There has been a lot of sailing action off the shores of Roosevelt Park. Ice boats, Windsurfers, Wing Sailors, Ice skaters, fishermen, and beer drinkers all on the lake enjoying what mother nature has provided. This week is bringing a good freeze and should lock the ice back up and set it on its way for vehicle traffic.

So sharpen your blades, and tighten your bindings, because the winter playground is open !

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