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Winnebago Lake Crossing

WAK members Kevin, Ben, and Dan geared up and kited across Lake Winnebago on October 27. The 28 mile crossing took the boys roughly 3 hours starting from Lakeside Park in Fond du Lac, and finishing at Waverly Beach in Menasha. Winds were out of the East at 18 gusting to 30 and the guys put on nearly 40 miles on the water. The route followed the east shore of the lake with everyone boosting and thrashing as mush as possible. It was a perfect direction that lead the riders to Miller’s Bay just north of Oshkosh where they discovered a 1/4 mile flat water slick. After a few passes in the butter water, they pulled out and found that the wind was clocking to the NE and they had a 13 mile upwind pinch to make their landing. An hour later with exhausted arms and legs, all three sailors greeted their welcoming party Mary, Mike, and Mike at Waverly for a couple beers. Nice Crossing Guys.fIMG_3192IMG_3207IMG_3196


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