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Mission Statement

We the WAK’d aspire to promote the fun and adventure of kiteboarding through: public education, safe interaction with other water activities, maintaining and enhancing both public and private launch sites, and working with local and state officials to insure its future on the Winnebago basin and throughout the world.


The Winnebago Association of Kiteboarding was formed on a drunken fall night in Fond du Lac, WI at the infamous Schmitty’s Oar House.(link). Charter members gathered around the round table of kiting knights and formed a vow to preserve and promote the awesome sport and lifestyle of kiteboarding in the Winnebago area. After several several beers, the group had discussed and scribed a mission statement that we All would live and kite by. After several more more beers we had assigned each kite knight a title with lots of things attached to it. Several several more beers brought about much discussion on how, we the knights of WAK could preserve and promote the existence of our newly formed  org.   And now we go forth to carry out all those things attached to our title, and rally all those who will support and assist with all these things.

Our charter members are primarily located and kite on the southern end of Lake Winnebago, in Fond du Lac Wisconsin. (link to pic of area) You’ll see maps and info on some of our favorite launches and establishments on our maps page. We are planning to host a variety of events each year winter and summer. And offer  our club resources to all members.

If you are interested in joining WAK, please mail a completed  member form  along with a membership fee of $10 to:

WAK President,  Dan Deuster 
N7745 Hwy 151
Fond du Lac, WI  54935

In return you will recieve a membership card, and sticker. You will also  be invited to all Association Meetings, Receive e-mails on conditions and events,be able to post pics and vids on the website,  and enjoy all the other VIP benefits offered at the various WAK events.
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