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WISSA 2015 Videos


Fall WAK Attack Weekend

The members of WAK are inviting all kiters to Fond du lac to share the wind at the Fall WAK Attack Weekend Fri, Sept 23 thru Sun, Sept 25. Headquarters will be at Roosevelt park where the Windpower Windsurfing Championships are being held. WAK shack will be on site with beer, brats, burgers, music, and Boat burning bonfire on Sat night. Sunset Grill and Bar is located next to the park. There is an organized lake crossing on Friday with the windsurfers that usually starts around noon .Open to kiters and windsurfers.  WAK organizers will be there creating fun all weekend. Launches may shift to deadwood point, or the Wayside depending on the winds. Check The Winnebago association of kiteboarders facebook page, or our website for daily launch locations. Please spread the word and come share the wind with us.


4k Dave Catches More Action at Wind Power

WAK kiters have had a lot of great sessions on mighty Lake Winnebago this year. We are lucky enough to live near this great resource, and even luckier to have so many friends that love the power of wind. We are also fortunate to have found our new buddy “4k Dave” who has been video recording some of our sessions and publishing his work on youtube. Here is a session Dave captured from Roosevelt Park on June 5. Thanks Dave!!! Keep up the good work !!


Kiting at the Walleye Wagatta

A bunch of Wak riders showed up at the Walleye Wagatta Windsurfing Race on May  7. Winds were great in the morning, and tapered off to a light breezy by 1pm. Scott, Jeff, Jason, Ed , and Dan pumped up early and rode with the windsurfers. Dave a local photographer and videographer captured some boosts and riding . Heres the link


Stampede Race Results

Sturgeon Stampede 2016 Kitercross race results

Sturgeon Stampede 2016 Big Air results

Sturgeon Stampede 2016 STS race results

Pre-Stampede Fun

The Sunday Before the 2016 Sturgeon Stampede.

Sunny, Warm, Windy, and Fun.


Snow Kite in Fond du Lac

Some of the BEST Snow Kiting in the Midwest is on Lake Winnebago near Fond du Lac, WI. Fond du Lac is filled with kiteboarders, and people who love kiteboarders. Lake Winnebago offers hundreds of square miles of kiteboarding thrills and adventure. The ice and snow last for months, and the wind is smooth and regular.

So , stop out on the Lake on Feb 12 -14 for the Sturgeon Stampede kiteboarding Classic and Enjoy winter at its finest. We kick-off Friday with Kite Course set-up and testing, Followed by LIVE Music from the Josh Schneider Band and D’ Willy and the Souvenirs. We also have the lake’s BIGGEST Bonfire and Fireworks to follow. Saturday brings more snow kite racing, speed drags, and “Big Air” competition. There will also be live music on Saturday with lots of Beer and Food. Sunday brings more of the same.


Sturgeon Stampede Site Fly By

Ben attempts some sailing for the Drones at the 2016 Sturgeon Stampede Site Sunday Jan 24

Some Great Aerial Views of the Ice Around the Stampede Site….Before the Snow

Sunset at the Shack

The Shack has been launched and the Stampede is right around the corner. The WAK Shack is 1/2 mile off the Shore of Sunset Grill and Bar. There is  a road plowed to the site and over 15 inches of ice.  Better yet we have a good 4″ base of snow and lots of ramps and features. Kiters riding every day, and loving winter on Winnebago!



Ben enjoying a sunset cruise at the Shack

First Day of SnowKiting

2016 Rang in with some epic kiting sessions at “Little Utah” near  Mount Calvary.  Don , Ed, Jason, and Dan shared several sessions at our favorite terrain park. Little Utah has rolling hills, huge drift line, and deep valleys for exploring, slashing, and super boosting. By the end of 4 days of kiting, the face of the steep slope was so diced up that Ed  renamed  it  “scarface”


Stampede Stomping Grounds Frozen

Several Kiters and Sailors were out Saturday and Sunday enjoying the frozen lake off the shore of Roosevelt Park. The entire site has great ice conditions for setting tents, making rinks, and soon to be plowed roads. The last know thickness of 8″ was measured last Wednesday and we’ve been makin ice every day since. Now, We need snow