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Wind Power Windsurfing & Kiting Center

Wind Power is our local Lake Winnebago shop and is the mid-West’s only ‘On the Water’ Shop.  Wind Power is open year-round to serve the water kiters and sailors as well as the snow/ice sailors & kiters.  Across from Roosevelt Park in Fond du Lac, WI, it offers a great location for conditions all year long.  Wind Power hosts a few events a year and has lessons, rentals and equipment.   Check out their web site too!






Wind Power has an awesome Weather Center and provides the best weather information on Lake Winnebago.  The anemometer is located high atop a sailboat mast mounted on the shop.  The site also provides great graphical data and recommended launches.  It also has good historical data and wind alerts.  The data is also fed to Weather Flow (iKiteSurf, iWindSurf) with quarter-hour updates and to Weather Underground.  But for the best data, visit the site at WindPowerWeather.com







Kiteriders, LLC

 Kite Riders is located in Madison, WI.  Madison has some awesome lakes (mainly Lake  Mendota and Lake Monona) and a vibrant kiteboarding scene as well as some great nightlife in the college dominated town.  Kite Riders is open year-round to server and promote kiteboarding in water and on snow & ice.  They travel to Lake Michigan quite frequently when conditions allow.  Contact them as they know their sport.




 Fishlake Iceboards

 The U.S.A’s only authorized dealer of Hiberna fleet of hi-tech Iceboards.  The Hiberna iceboard is a high quality iceboard designed in Latvia (Hiberna.lv).  The Hiberna board has 4 blades with front & rear compliance trucks that turn similar to a skateboard.  For sailors familiar with the Freeskate board from years past, this board operates similarly, but rides like a sports car as it is highly engineered.  The board likes good ice with only a small amount of snow cover.  You can demo one at Wind Power or the WAK’s Winter Sturgeon Stampede event.





The World Ice and Snow Sailing Association (WISSA) Ice and Snow Sailing World Championships (ISSWC) is the longest running international competition in the sport of windsurfing – ironic given that windsurfing is a water sport.



Lake Ice

This site is for skaters, snowmobilers, sailors, fishermen and everyone else who spends time on frozen lakes and ponds.  The site provides a detailed  perspective on how ice behaves and what sorts of hazards you might find.  Most ice users never get into serious trouble but enough of us do that many of us know more than a few stories of close calls or worse.





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